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25ml Black Solo Measure

Beaumont is known for its remarkable and its certainly flawless spirit measures. In fact, Beaumont has been rated the top manufacturer of spirit measures on the planet. This is because Beaumont has had over thirty years of experience in the industry of spirit measures which means that Beaumont’s spirit measures have been designed with care, skill, and accuracy. If you’re looking for top quality, precise accuracy, and lasting durability, we recommend investing in one of our many Beaumont spirit measures.

Beaumont’s spirit measures are designed with the client in mind and are made using only the very best materials and manufacturing techniques. If its quality you’re after, you can’t beat Beaumont’s spirit measures—after all, there’s a reason they’re the top spirit measures in the world! The spirit measures are made in the UK and they have met the exceptionally high standards that all spirit measures are subjected to. Not only have they met the UK’s high standards, but they have also met the German LFGB Act’s stamp of approval (Germany’s most important safety management Act)—an approval that all spirit measure manufacturers dream of! Germany is known for its incredibly high standards and it is therefore an absolutely incredible achievement. This is why Beaumont’s spirit measures are the spirit measures of choice all over the world. They are even endorsed by Bacardi! So the question is, ‘Which Beaumont Spirit Measure should you choose?’ Well, we’re here to help you to decide!

25ml Black Solo Measure

25ml Black Counter Solo Measure

  1. Beaumont’s Solo Spirit Measure

This is the most popular choice of Beaumont’s measures all over the world. This is because it has the reputation of being durable and cost effective. It has earned its reputation because customers have reported that they have managed to use their same Beaumont Solo Spirit Measure for as long as ten years! What makes this spirit measure unique is its distinct three-pronged mechanism which evenly distributes spirits. It’s a popular design because it is excellently hygienic—no muss, no fuss!

  1. Beaumont’s Counter Solo Spirit Measure

This spirit measure is what one would call the ‘one up’ on Beaumont’s Solo Spirit Measure. This measure is exactly the same as the Solo Spirit Measure mentioned above, but it has one very special, modern twist. It has its very own counter, which means that each and every measurement that you dispense will be counted! Uniquely nifty and thrifty for the frugal perfectionist in us all.

25ml Metrix SL Measure

25ml Vogue Measure

  1. Beaumont’s Metrix SL Measure

If you’re looking for something a little fancier, we suggest the Metrix SL. This measure has a very sleek and modern design which makes it a little more luxurious than the Solo Measures. This measure is incredibly hygienic and it has a very smooth dispensing action.

  1. Beaumont’s Vogue Measure

If opulence and stylishness is the name of your game, Beaumont’s Vogue Measure is the measure for you. The Vogue Measure is Beaumont’s newest and most contemporary design that is guaranteed to take your bar up a notch and catch your clients’ eyes. Although the Vogue Measure is more attractive than some of the other measures, it is by no means less effective. It has undergone all the same gruelling tests as the other Beaumont measures and it has breezed through them. It also has its own uniquely designed non-drip mechanism which will ensure that none of your spirits (or your money) will go down the drain, and that hygiene will never be compromised.


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