What Is Bitters? And What Is A Bitters Bottle?

Bitters Alchohol What is Bitters

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A reputable cocktail bar always has bitters ready for action behind the counter. Many of the classic cocktails have bitters as an ingredient. But what exactly is bitters? The potent cocktail ingredient is created by infusing a neutral spirit, for instance vodka, with a few aromatics. These range from spices, tree bark, and leaves – to seeds, roots, flowers, and fruits. Bitters can be exactly what the name means, or they can be bittersweet.

The Human Tongue Is Pretty Amazing

Did you know that you have about 10 000 taste buds? And between 50 and 150 taste receptors per taste bud. Although urban legend says the tongue is divided into specific taste regions, this is not true. There are 25 different taste receptors and bitter is the most complex taste. If you ignore bitter tastes, you are missing out on 20% of your tongue’s taste capacity.

Combining Tasting and Smelling

For in case you forgot which taste options are out there: sweet, sour, salty, umami, and of course the important one – bitter. The strange word without a meaning deduction, umami, has to do with prepping your palate to enjoy protein. Sweet tastes are linked to carbohydrates; sour to something about to go off, rotten; and salty is linked to minerals. Bitter is linked to detecting poisonous tastes. But don’t worry, your local barman is not trying to kill you when he adds bitters to your cocktail.

Bitters is a mysterious aromatic concoction. They enhance tastes through the power of smell. Your nose is more advanced than your tongue, with 10 000 more smell receptors than the tongue. You know that moment when your nose is blocked from a cold and everything just tastes the same? This is because your nose is linked directly to the memory part of your brain. The nose puts two and two together, smells tells you what you are tasting.

When Bitter Meets Sweet

Ever wondered why two almost opposite tastes go together so well? Bitter and sweet taste receptors are similarly structed, hence the complementing combination. Bitters add a unique and complex flavour to a cocktail. The aromatic elixir has close to magical powers, intensifying the flavours of the other ingredients it is mixed into. Also, it can make raw spirits such as vodka taste a bit less harsh.

Bitters increase the flavour and balance of light beverages as well. It’s a great palate cleanser and improves digestion. Plus, it can increase your appetite. No wonder in the olden days they thought they could cure ailments with the mysterious liquid!

History of Bitters

As with many other tonics, bitters were originally developed and marketed for medicinal use. The bitters ingredients were supposed to promote good health. The claims were lavish, to say the least. Restore youthful vigour, cure malaria, grow your hair back, and more.

Years later the outlandish claims died down, but the power of the bitters to infuse cocktails remained true. There is a variety of brands, with the two most popular ones being Peychaud and Agnostura.

The world of bitters is expanding more and more. Now you can pick and choose between various flavours. Lemon bitters, cumin bitters, orange bitters, and Memphis Barbecue bitters. Possibilities are almost endless.

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Bitters Bottles


It’s all in the presentation. The branded bitters bottle is sometimes not very appealing to the eye. Bitters is a firm favourite in the cocktail world, and showcasing the delicious ingredient in a fancy bottle has become a fine art. When it comes to liquor brands, you want to keep the name in plain sight of the customers. But supportive products such as purees and bitters, are a more behind the scenes element.

It’s a great bonus if the bitters container can also add a bit of flair to the character and style of the bar. Beaumont has created three different bitters bottle, varying in size and shape. With a great look and excellent usability, it’s the perfect bar accessory.

We believe that cocktail equipment can have both aesthetic appeal and functionality. If you can easily and effectively pour a shot of bitters into a cocktail, it will speed up the process, as well as save you money by not wasting the precious aromatic infusion.

Looks Good Works Brilliantly

The bottles are made from glass, with a stylish plated nicked pour spout and cork. Once you pour bitters into the bottle, it will be transformed into an even more stylish element behind your bar. These beautiful bottles will transport your bar back in time, with a great apothecary-style look. Also, using different size bottles for your range of bitters, will make it easier for the barmen. And the pure glass makes it easy to recall which colour goes with which flavour.

Beaumont bitters bottles are created to withstand the wear and tear of constant usage and cleaning. But in the case of some strange accident damaging your bitters bottle, you can purchase a replacement cork or chrome pour spout. We can’t promise that you will be able to cure malaria with the bottle’s content, but we can guarantee you a stylish and fashionable look for your bar.

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