Top 5 Must-Have Bar Accessories For The Festive Season

Christmas Season Bar Accessories

The festive season is almost upon us, and Beaumont SA is super excited to share our festive tips with you to create an unforgettable holiday. We are all about bar accessories, so we have rounded up our favourite ‘must-have’ bar accessories to help you improve your hosting game. And, even if you’re not planning to host any parties this holiday season, our bar accessories also make great gifts for anyone who loves cocktails!

Boston Can Bar Accessory

  1. The Boston Shaker

We’ll let you in on a secret—here at Beaumont SA, we are crazy about Boston Shakers! We have a wide variety to choose from—from plain to patterned, and from Boston cans and glasses to full shakers (and in many different colours), we have them all. We suggest selecting a theme for your festivities. For Christmas, nothing beats rich, warm copper to make things extra Christmassy and nostalgic. However, you might want to indulge in our Black or Pink patterned Boston cans to add a funky twist to your New Year celebrations.

3571 - Strainer - Hawthorne - 4-Ear

  1. The Strainer

If you’re shaking cocktails in Boston cans or shakers, it’s going to be important to get your hands on a suitable strainer. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered once again. The best strainer to accompany a Boston Shaker is most certainly a Hawthorne Strainer—it fits Boston Shakers PERFECTLY! No more lumps of fruit or chunks of ice in your cocktails! We have three Hawthorne strainers to choose from in both silver and copper.

  1. The Bar Spoon

Bar spoons are a must-have if you’re planning to make stirred drinks—hello there, Classic Martini! Bar spoons have long handles so that you can reach all the way down to the bottom of the glass to mix the ingredients thoroughly. Ever wondered why the handle is twisty? It actually makes stirring a cocktail easier! Keep it festive with one of our copper or silver spoons.


  1. The Muddler

If you’re going to make cocktails that use fruits or herbs, you’re definitely going to need a muddler. It truly brings out the flavours of the fruits and herbs so be sure to invest in one if you love Mint Mojitos. We have four different muddlers to choose from, so why not treat yourself to an early Christmas gift?

  1. The Zester and Canal Cutter

This is an awesome tool for any bar, and for anyone who wants to impress guests by adding extra finishing touches to their drinks. So many cocktails rely on lemon zest for their punchy flavours so a zester is a pretty essential bar tool for cocktail lovers. But this nifty gadget also helps you to garnish your cocktails with citrus twists which will make your cocktails look absolutely gorgeous.

For more ideas or inspiration for this festive season, visit our site here. There are plenty of other awesome goodies to choose from.