Top 10 Must-Have Bar Accessories

Beaumont South Africa Bar Cocktail Shake

When opening or managing your own bar/restaurant it is imperative to have a few basic bar accessories. These will contribute immensely to maximising the efficiency and profitability of your establishment.   Once you have these ten essential items you will be able to mix cocktails with ease, look good while doing it and ensure that your bar/restaurant is as successful as it can possibly be. Your bartenders, customers and your bottom line will all be thanking you!

Here is a list of the top ten basic bar accessories to get you started:

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  1. Speed pourer

Speed pourers are first and foremost as they ensure fast, accurate and easy pouring. These fitted spouts go over the mouths of your spirit bottles preventing spillage. If possible it is best to have one per bottle of spirits. The control and continuous flow they ensure makes pouring lots of drinks quickly, a piece of cake for bartenders.

  1. Optic Measures

Optic measures are designed with a bar-owner’s bottom line in mind. These innovative tools ensure that the correct amount of the spirit is dispensed each time. The optic measure is mounted beneath an inverted spirit bottle and the alcohol dispenses down into the measure and is then discharged when a lever is pushed up. Voilà you have the perfect tot and your bar is able to ensure precise measuring of drinks, little wastage and consistent cocktails.

Large Speed Rail 1067mm/42”

  1. Speed Rail.

Speed rails are the most convenient and functional way to keep bottles, ensuring that they are within reach and well organised for the bartender. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and lengths and in single and double tiers.

  1. Bar Glassware

A great glass makes a huge difference to the end result and actual taste of wine, beer or a cocktail. It’s important to have several styles and types for the different drinks that you offer. Make sure glasses are durable, the right size and aesthetically pleasing and you won’t go wrong.

5.Cocktail Shaker

Many of the most delicious and most famous cocktails are “shaken” before being served. James Bond comes to mind here… he always orders his Martinis “shaken not stirred” and this is where the cocktail shaker comes in. This manual method of drink preparation is quick and easy and consists of a single tin with tight-fitting lid.


  1. Strainer

A shaker is almost always accompanied by its friendly strainer, which helps to separate not only ice but also fruit, garnish or other bulky ingredients from the liquid. They are designed to be easy to use with only one hand enabling your barmen to multitask – a skill all barmen should have mastered early on in their careers!

  1. Bar Spoon

Simple yet surprisingly useful the bar spoon has a long handle and a small head. This makes it very handy for reaching the bottom of tall glasses and reaching bits and pieces such as cherries. The bar spoon is key for stirring and layering drinks to create the perfect flavour profile.

  1. Muddler

True to its name a muddler is used to muddle and mix. It is a thick stick made of steel, wood or plastic and is used to mash up cocktail ingredients. It is particularly essential in the making of classic cocktails like Mojitos and Caipirinhas. Thicker muddlers are generally better than thinner ones so keep that in mind when buying them.

  1. Ice Accessories

No matter what the weather, drinks and especially cocktails aren’t nearly as refreshing when warm. Therefore not only ice but ice accessories such as

scoops, buckets, crushers, and tongs are essential to ensuring quick and easy cooling of beverages.

bar matts

10.Bar Service Mats.

Bartending can be a slippery business with lots of liquid and ice all over the show! Bar mats the answer… they are rubbery and grip the surface of the bar as well as the bottoms of glasses. They also have grooves in them, which contain spilled liquid and prevent it from spilling all over the countertop.

With these 10 basic bar necessities your bar will no doubt be poised and ready to taken on any thirsty summer sunset crowd. They will help improve the experiences not only of your customers but those of your barmen. In the end everyone is happy as drinks are made speedily, taste delicious, there is no wastage and your bottom line is secure.