Tom Dyer’s Top Bar Accessories for Flair Bartending

Tom Dyer Beaumont SA Bar Flair Specialist

If you don’t know what flair bartending is, you’ve really been missing out on something extraordinary. Put simply, flair bartending is when bartenders entertain their guests by performing with, and manipulating, bar accessories. It’s also known as ‘extreme bartending’ or ‘flairtending’.

For those of you who don’t know, Tom Dyer is the ultimate flair bartending god and he’s a five time world champion flair bartender. Tom Dyer’s favourite bar accessories happen to be in our range of Beaumont bar accessories. Our bar accessories allow skilled flair bartenders to really enhance their skills and to put on an epic show for their clients.

Here are Tom Dyer’s top four favourite bar accessories for flairtending from Beaumont:

  1. 750 ml Beaumont White Flair Bottle

At the top of Tom’s list is the Beaumont Flair Bottle. It is an essential accessory for flair bartending because it has been specifically designed for extreme bartending. Tom describes it as ‘an irreplaceable tool for all levels of bartender’. This is because it allows bartenders to practise new moves and because it’s made from exceptionally strong shatter-proof plastic—so it’s virtually impossible to break during flairtending. It is weighted like a real glass bottle but because it’s plastic, limitations are practically non-existent. Tom advises all flair bartenders to make use of a flair bottle when they are trying out a new move for the first time and to only move on to a real bottle once they’ve mastered the move using the flair bottle.

  1. Beaumont Cocktail Shakers

The Boston Tin can be used for most shaker or bottle/tin routines and it is therefore an invaluable tool for flair bartenders. Beaumont’s 500 ml Steel Can Shaker, used in conjunction with the 800 ml Boston Tin, is one of the most powerful bar accessories that flair bartenders can use in a new type of flair bartending called ‘craft flair’. It’s also known as ‘working flair’, and it’s basically a type of flair bartending with moves that have been specifically designed for use behind the bar and for service. The moves are less flashy but they’re highly detailed—the moves can’t be extremely theatrical because the bartender has to perform them behind the bar in a limited space and within a limited amount of time.

  1. Collinson Bar Spoon

Bar spoons add a touch of sophistication to bartenders’ stirring. They are an incredibly trendy item to have in your bar and there is an increased demand for bar spoons because craft flair has become more popular. Tom explains that skilled craft flair bartenders are able to perform a move called the ‘finger/thumb roll or spin’ with the Collinson Bar Spoon. According to Tom, it’s a fairly easy move to master and it absolutely delights guests. He says, ‘it is particularly effective behind the bar, drawing the customer’s eye and sparking their sense of intrigue’.

  1. Beaumont Gold-banded Jigger

Tom recommends Beaumont’s Gold-banded Jigger, otherwise known as the Mezclar Preciso Jigger, because it is one of the best weighted jiggers on the market. If you are a flair bartender, you need to be able to manipulate your jigger very easily with your hands. It is therefore very important to make sure that the jigger is well-weighted. Tom also emphasises the convenience of being able to have a 25 ml and 50 ml measure in the very same bar accessory. The Gold-banded jigger is certainly a favourite amongst craft flair bartenders who find it particularly useful for a move called the ‘bottle arm roll’.

So, have a browse through our website and treat yourself to some of our amazing products designed specifically for flair bartending—you won’t regret it!