The Coolest Bar Accessories in South Africa

Cool Bar Accessories South Africa

There can be a lot of pressure on bars to be “on point/cool/trendy” in order to make a lasting impression on guests and to keep them coming. With so many awesome bar accessories on the market, we’ve narrowed the search down to our top 5 coolest bar accessories to keep you in the loop and make you feel ahead of the game. If you love to entertain and have people over at your home, these accessories might be a fun way to zhoosh up your parties.

  1. The Ice Ball Mould

Using ice balls in drinks is the exceptionally trendy new way to present drinks. The ice balls delight guests as they wonder how they’re made. It’s a simple trick, really—it’s just a matter of using a mould to create these quaint ice spheres. Our Ice Ball Mould is the perfect way to add a touch of whimsy to your drinks. A single ice ball in a whiskey glass is a great way to present whiskey, but ice balls also go with soft drinks, spirits, and liqueurs. Why not take it up a notch by freezing small pieces of colourful fruit in the ice balls to create little fruity globes? This is a bar accessory that you can truly have a lot of fun with.


  1. The Moscow Mule Mug

You may have noticed that, here at Beaumont SA, we’re crazy for Moscow Mule Mugs. Having the right glassware for the right drink is incredibly important if you want to impress guests. Add a touch of authenticity to your bar by serving your Moscow Mules in our mugs. You can choose between the curved or straight mugs to suit the style of your bar. We suggest straight for a rustic bar and curved for a more sophisticated experience.

Mezclar Mug Straight

  1. The Ice Shot Glass Mould

This is another really fun and entertaining accessory. You can create an awesome range of ice shots with our nifty Ice Shot Glass Mould. Remember, these shot glasses are edible so you’re really not just limited to using plain water to make your shot glasses. Use distilled water to make clear ice shot glasses, or add some food colouring to make some funky ones. You can even use fruit juice to make your shot glasses—have you ever thought of making Bloody Mary shots? Freeze tomato juice in the ice mould and fill with your favourite Bloody Mary mix.



  1. The 3-Part Glass Rimmer

Running a bar or having guests over is all about entertainment, and aesthetically pleasing drinks are one easy way to impress guests. Make your drinks look absolutely gorgeous with our 3-Part Glass Rimmer. Not only does rimming your glasses with salt or sugar make your drinks look fabulous, but it also adds to the flavour of the drink. And, you’re not just limited to plain sugar and salt—you can also rim your drinks with ground coconut, ginger sugar, or even colourful sugar.

  1. The Cocktail Spoons

Cocktail spoons are an essential accessory for any bar. These spoons make stirring your cocktails easy. Ensure that your guests can have their drinks stirred and not shaken with our cocktail spoons. We are particularly fond of our Cocktail Spoon with Fork because it makes grabbing those tasty olives at the bottom of your drink that much easier.


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