The TD105-30 Is Back and It’s Better Than Ever


The TD105-30 is the perfect pourer, designed for bartenders by a world-class bartender. Tom Dyer is one of the best flair bartenders in the UK. He created this handy little gadget to make every bartender’s life easier. It is now sold in more than 32 countries, used in the most prestigious bars across the globe, as well as hundreds of bar schools.

Tom recently partnered with Beaumont again to refine the TD105-30 to be even more amazing than before. He has won numerous bartending competitions and brushed shoulders with the big honchos in the beverage industry, including Red Bull and Diageo.

Origin of the TD105-30 Pourer

The TD105-30 is a professional free-flow pourer, with a medium pour speed. Tom Dyer, in collaboration with Beaumont TM, conducted market research and concluded that bartenders needed a more affordable and reliable pourer. It needed to be robust, yet stylish. And most important of all, it had to be accurate.

Tom had been using a unique trial model in his bartending school. By teaming up with the world’s leading equipment manufacturer, he could share his expertise with other passionate bartenders. The design team, under the guidance of Tom, started to address common issues bartenders complained about.

Firstly, inferior pourers were notorious for inconsistent pour patterns and speed. The TD105-30 pourer features a special calibrated spout. The other big complaint was durability. Beaumont TM’s designers tweaked the structure of the rubber cork, making it more flexible, but still durable. The TD105-30 pourer can fit on a wide variety of bottles, without spilling or dripping.

The New Enhanced TD105-30 Pourer

The TD105-30 pourer is a firm favourite on the Beaumont product wish list. Bartenders love using it because of its high-quality and sturdy design. Recently the Beaumont TM design team decided to improve it even more, while still sticking to the original winning formula. Now the TD105-30 pourer can withstand even more man-handling, taking knocks and drops in its stride.

Design Changes to The TD105-30 Pourer

The TD105-30 pourer’s robust rubber cork is one of the features that gets the best feedback from professional bartenders. The new formula uses a different type of rubber that is more flexible, while remaining firm and pliable. It’s also firmer and wider to make sure that the pourer remains in place at all times. The increased flexibility ensures that the TD105-30 pourer moves in and out of bottles effortlessly.

Another feature that has been enhanced, is the chrome covering of the metal parts, guaranteeing greater durability. This ensures that rust is kept at bay for longer, even after thousands of pouring sessions and hundreds of washes.

The enhanced TD105-30 pourer offers you the reassurance that you are using a pourer that won’t leak, withstanding the challenges of a busy bar or flair bartending show. The affordable and durable product will most definitely make your bartending experience more enjoyable.

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