Mezclar – the new ‘must-have’ accessory for homes, bars, and restaurants


Mezclar is all the rage at the moment when it comes to kitchen and bar accessories. Mezclar jugs, mugs, vases, shakers, spoons, trays, pots, and strainers add a touch of class to any setting. Not only confined to kitchens and bars, Mezclar ‘is the new black’ when it comes to home décor. Pair with a dash of turquoise to create an air of elegance and striking beauty or add to your kitchen to develop a vintage, rustic look.

The versatility of Mezclar is incredible. It can add countryside charm to any room in your home and it can transform your bar into a retro-chic haven. Mezclar creates warmth in any location and its old-era beauty fashions a tinge of nostalgia. It perfectly complements minimalist colour schemes with its mellow colour and it is able to impeccably blend with a range of colours including classic metallic colours like chrome, gold, and silver.

Mezclar means ‘mix’ in Spanish which is so perfectly apt for this lovely accessory—a flawless cross between memories of your grandmother’s homely kitchen, the elegance of the art-deco period, and the gracefulness of innovative modernity, Mezclar should have a prime spot in anyone’s home, kitchen, or bar.

Mezclar Water Jug

Luckily, Beaumont SA has you covered! Our Mezclar Water Jug gives kitchens a sophisticated feel. Its sleek, simple, and modern shape creates something of a futuristic feel that looks great in any kitchen. If ‘futuristic’ doesn’t tickle your fancy, why not try our Moscow Mule Mugs? These mugs have a more rustic feel and remind one of a simpler time. Although they are reminiscent of a bygone era, they are stylish enough to deserve a place in classy bars and upscale restaurants. The Moscow Mule Mugs come in two designs—choose between the straight-sided Mule Mug or the curved Mule Mug with its charming brass handle. ()



If its bar accessories that you’re after, Beaumont SA has everything you need to transform your bar into something otherworldly. Beaumont SA has a spectacular Mezclar Cocktail Range —how fitting! Mix your cocktails together using our gorgeous Mezclar cocktail accessories which are specifically chosen for their sterling quality, their retro style, their modern sophistication, and their vintage elegance. As suppliers who are at the forefront of style when it comes to bar accessories, we know that all bars deserve contemporary, fashionable adornments to complete them. The Mezclar Cocktail Range elevates cocktails from mediocre to revolutionary and will assist bartenders in creating avant-garde cocktails. The range creates a dramatic flair and it intensifies the flavours of the cocktails. Our Mezclar Art Deco Shakers add an essence of yesteryear and a sprinkling of drama to the cocktail-making affair. Use our beautiful Mezclar copper strainer to complete the set and serve with our graceful Mezclar cocktail spoons—your customers will be delighted!

All your Mezclar purchases can be made online through Beaumont SA’s lovely, practical, and easy-to-use website. The convenience of Beaumont SA’s website allows customers to be front-runners of all things fashionable and all things Mezclar!


To learn more about our Mezclar range you can download the Mezclar brochure here.