Essential Bar Accessories for any Luxury Hotel or Bar in Cape Town

Beaumontsa Hotel Bar Accessories Cape Town South Africa

When it comes to luxury, everyone knows that it’s the little things that count. Two rules to live by when dealing with all things ‘luxury’ are the sayings, ‘It’s in the details’, and ‘less is more’. These are our ‘Top 5 Luxury Bar Accessories’ that we believe every Luxury Hotel Bar and as, a matter of fact, every luxury bar in Cape Town should have. If your bar doesn’t have these essential bar accessories, can you really call your bar a luxury bar? We think not!

  1. Cocktail Shakers

Any classy establishment should be able to offer its patrons elegant and contemporary cocktails—it’s that simple. This means that you need all the right cocktail tools and accessories that are available so that you can ‘wow’ your guests. This is where cocktail shakers come in. We have absolutely magnificent shakers for you to choose from, depending on your bar’s specific style. If old-world charm is what you’re going for, treat your bar to our Copper Art Deco Shaker or our Copper French Shaker. Both designs have a streamlined finish which exudes opulence, but the Art Deco Shakers has a more unique and sleek finish. These shakers will definitely add a vintage elegance to your luxury bar. If modern minimalism is more in line with your bar’s style, you can choose the Art Deco Shaker or French Shaker  in stainless steel which will give your bar a touch of modernity.

  1. Cocktail Strainers

Like we said, “It’s in the details’. Having the right cocktail strainer will make a huge difference in your guests’ opinions of your establishment. Nothing screams luxury more than matching cocktail accessories so make sure you choose a strainer to match your cocktail shakers. If you’ve chosen to go with vintage elegance, we recommend the Hawthorne Copper-plated Strainer to match your copper shakers. However, if you’ve chosen modern opulence, we recommend the stylish Professional Strainer to match your stainless steel shakers. Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of mixing your cocktail accessories—it looks disorganised and clumsy (the absolute opposite of lavish!)

  1. Cocktail Spoons

In keeping with the idea of matching your cocktail tools, we recommend getting your bar matching cocktail spoons to go with your shakers and strainers. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered. We have gorgeous Collinson Cocktail spoons in both stainless steel and copper. They are intricate and ornate—the epitome of class and sophistication. Your cocktail spoons will allow you to design the most impressive cocktails that will leave your guests feeling amazed.

  1. Water Jugs

One very essential but most often overlooked item in any bar is a simple water jug. Bar managers underestimate this bar accessory all the time, but trust us, it’s so important to have jugs of water dotted around your bar so that your guests have easy access to them. We know how annoying it is to cast about for some water only to find that there are no water jugs in sight. Make sure you don’t make this mistake and invest in our charming, sleek, and streamlined Water Jugs. They make the world of difference!