Beaumont Steams Into 2016


Beaumont SA is steaming into its second year of trading so we thought we should have a quick catch up with Ian Smith, Managing Director to see how things are going. Here’s what Ian had to say:

How long has Beaumont SA been in business?

Ian: “It’s been one year since we launched.”

What was your original vision for the business?

Ian: “I always knew Beaumont’s products were of a very high standard but I was particularly interested in their optics. I had one small enquiry and this sparked an interest so we ran with it, started importing them and it grew from there! It had never been my intention to import other products from Beaumont but they have some other really great, premium bar products. There is definitely more to this business than just optics and brackets so I thought we should pursue these other options.

How long did it take Beaumont to get going?

Ian: “I knew we would need a web presence but I didn’t know how long it would take to get that going. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it took off. Now we are getting on average two-three quality enquiries per week.”

How have you positioned Beaumont?

Ian: “Beaumont has a range of premium products so we have positioned it at the top end of the market.”

What is your best-seller?

Ian: “Optics are definitely our best-seller but we are slowly making inroads into the cocktail market. My favourite is the optic – it’s much easier to sell a quality product and it’s quite possibly the best optic available in the market. Beaumont has a great deal of competition in the UK market but they are the market leaders and we get lovely testimonials to prove it. “Without argument these are the best optics ever… no optic compares in quality and effectiveness,” says one very happy Beaumont customer.

How did this testimonial make you feel?

Ian: “It is really great to hear stuff like that when you are a start-up. You then know that you are on the right track. It’s also nice to know that other people agree that we have the best product on the market!”

Why do you think the optic measure has been so successful – what is its point of difference?

Ian: “ Beaumont makes a range of optics. The basic solo optic has been made for 30 years and by improving the design year on year they have sold 4 million of them. They have stood the test of time and are a genuinely good product.”

Do you feel this is luck or pure hard work?

Ian: “Initially luck but some hard work after that too!”

How has the rand devaluation affected Beaumont SA?

Ian: “It has affected the business quite dramatically. Very few bar or cocktail products are made in South Africa so everyone is in the same boat. The price-list has maintained the same level as the exchange rate and therefore has affected what customers are paying. Everyone is being realistic about this. ”

How many clients are you supplying?

Ian: “We are supplying regularly and irregularly approximately 50 clients.”

Have you had any problems with distribution?

Ian: “We are very happy with the courier company we use, they haven’t let us down.”

What are you looking forward to in 2016 for Beaumont SA?

Ian: “ We are looking forward to growing the customer base and gaining a better presence in bigger areas such as Gauteng. I think we have started 2016 on the right track to make this happen!”