Beaumont Bar Accessories In Bionic Bar

Beaumont Bar Accessories in Bionic Bar

With improved technology and the rise of globalisation the world is fast becoming smaller and smaller. As a result, it is becoming so much easier and so much more efficient to ship/move/transport products and services from one continent to another. On any one day, countless boxes of stock are being skillfully moved and tracked from one country to another, ensuring that no matter where you are in the world you have access to every product your heart desires.

This is even true when it comes to Beaumont Spirit Measures, which through our various exporters and logistics networks have found their way to the furthest corners of the world. It is fascinating to see just how far our products have travelled considering we are based here in Cape Town, on the tip of Africa, the most Southern point that you can find Beaumont bar accessories.

Although Beaumont bar accessories begin their journey in Cape Town they end up all over the world. So far, Beaumont Spirit Measures have been spotted as far as Las Vegas, Iceland and even sailing around the Caribbean on two of the Royal Caribbean’s cruise ships; the Quantum of the Seas and the newest addition and now largest cruise ship in the world, the Harmony of the Seas. At 66m by 362m, the Harmony of the Seas is the widest cruise ship ever built. This huge vessel, which cost close to $1billion to build, has 16 decks, 7 distinct neighbourhoods, capacity for 6,360 passengers, 2394 crewmembers and 20 restaurants. Among these incredible onboard attractions is “The Ultimate Abyss”, a 10-storey slide from the top deck to the main deck, one of the world’s biggest ship-mounted waterslides!

Beaumont Bar Accessories On Harmony Of The Seas


However, the most incredible part of this ship is what they call ‘The Bionic Bar,’ which couldn’t have been created without the vital use of our very own, expertly manufactured, precision, Beaumont Spirit Measures. Wouldn’t you love to taste a pre-dinner cocktail crafted and poured by a robot? Well, here you can! Check out the future of the bar industry with the Harmony of the Seas’ ground-breaking, innovative, awesome… ‘Bionic Bar’.

Beaumont Bar Accessories Bionic Bar

We can’t wait to see where else in the world and how else our precise spirit measures will be used in the future. For now though, Beaumont SA has a sizeable warehouse in Wetton, Cape Town that distributes to a nationwide dealer network. At Beaumont SA we are passionate about our product and our service so no matter where you are, even if you are floating on a ship in the Caribbean we can get our product to you.

Please help us to track the movement of our products by sending in any sightings you have of Beaumont Spirit Measures, on your travels. Please also email us: if you’d like us to send you your very own Beaumont bar accessories, all the way from Cape Town, South Africa.