Bar Gifts That Make Great Stocking Fillers


Time has flown, 2015 is nearly up and Christmas is around the corner!

Perhaps you are one of those organized types who does all their Christmas shopping in November? In fact, you are more than likely not… and are most likely yet to start!

Let’s face it — Christmas shopping isn’t easy especially when it comes to men. Picking gifts for your loved ones can be anxiety inducing: how do you balance what someone might need versus what they really want versus something that you can actually afford… it’s almost impossible!

Enter the bar accessory gift. Why is this always a good idea? Because a man loves his bar, spends lots of time in it and loves to show off to his friends.

Here are 10 simple yet classic bar accessories that will make lovely gifts or stocking fillers for your man, your brother, your Dad or maybe even you! We hope it helps you with your last minute Christmas shopping.

Bar Accessory Bar Blade

  1. Bar Blade

The bar blade is the absolute ultimate in ‘cool barman’ accessories. The bar blade is basic and slim lined, so fits easily into your pocket. It’s always just there in the right spot when someone needs a beer or cider opened in a hurry.

  1. Wine Cooler

In the height of summer you cannot go wrong with a funky wine cooler, as there really is nothing worse than warm white wine. Stainless steel and double-walled this wine cooler won’t let any warmth near that crisp bottle of Sauvignon Blanc that you are enjoying with your picnic.

Bar Accessory Wine Cooler

  1. Ice Bucket

The ice bucket is a no-brainer and goes hand-in-hand with the wine cooler. It is somewhat of a statement piece on a bar but is also key function and necessity of any drinks party especially in the hot Cape summer.

  1. Stainless Steel Ice Tongs

You can’t have an ice bucket without some stylish ice tongs, as no one likes grubby ice! These not only grip the ice better than your hands would but they also make you feel like you are out at a trendy establishment and not just at home.

  1. Cocktail Shaker

The art of making good cocktails really is impossible without a good quality cocktail shaker. So if you are hoping for some Mojito’s, Daiquiris or Mai Tai’s this summer… this is a must! This specially crafted, copper, art deco shaker is also very on trend right now so you will look hip and happening amongst your friends!

Bar Accessory Tom Dyer

  1. Pourer

Another vital piece to any successful home bar… and the only way to make sure that drinks are poured quickly, efficiently and with minimal spillage! You can’t go wrong with this stainless steel one.

  1. Optic Measure

Drinks always taste best when made precisely according to the recipe and the only way to ensure that you are pouring exact shots is with a reliable optic measure. This way you can make sure you get the most out of every bottle in your bar.

Bar Accessory Champagne Stopper

  1. Champagne Stopper

The festive season is here and no doubt there are going to be lots of celebrations. However, sometimes you only feel like one glass of bubbles and not the whole bottle. That’s when the champagne stopper comes in handy and prevents wastage of precious champagne!

  1. Classic Corkscrew

You really can’t go wrong with the classic corkscrew or in fact ever have too many in your house. With all the fancy ones that are available in the shops these days… the original is still the best!

  1. Water Jug

You can’t have a drinks party or lots of wine and beer without the odd glass of water otherwise you will most definitely know about it the next morning! So why not get a classy steel water jug to have filled with ice cold water and a few lemons? Everyone will thank you in the morning!

Let’s hope this has helped you a little and that by now your tree is packed with presents and your stocking is overflowing.

Here’s wishing you all a very happy and peaceful festive season. May 2016 be filled with lots of mouth-watering cocktails, great wine and of course endless bubbles!