Announcing Our New Mule Mugs!


We are so excited to announce that our Beaumont SA Moscow Mule Mugs have finally landed in South Africa…and just in time for Christmas! With the holiday season fast approaching, we can all look forward to hot, sunny days, and relaxing by the poolside. The holidays are your chance to wind down from a busy year and to spend time with your loved ones. And, what would the December holiday be without all the festive celebrations that go with it? Why not make your Christmas day extra Christmassy by adding our gorgeous copper plated Moscow Mule Mugs to your celebrations? After all, copper is the perfect Christmas colour, and our Mule Mugs complement any Christmas décor.

Our Copper plated Moscow Mugs are made from the highest quality stainless steel which is then covered through our copper plating process to get the best copper plated Moscow Mugs available in South Africa.

So, what makes the Moscow Mule Mug so special? Well, firstly, its practicality is unbeatable. As you might know, copper makes a perfect insulator which means that, whether your drink is hot or cold, your mug will maintain your drink’s temperature. Christmas morning could only be complete with delicious hot chocolate or coffee, served in a gorgeous Mule Mug, to accompany the excitement of opening presents. Secondly, cocktails made with vodka or gin are traditionally served in copper mugs. When vodka comes into contact with copper it enhances the taste of the cocktail. Cocktails that are served in a Mule Mug are usually accompanied by lime or lemon, and when the citric acid reacts with the copper it gives cocktails a special kind of flavour that can’t be achieved with a normal glass. Our Mule Mugs are the perfect way to serve cocktails, and the best thing about cocktails is that they can be served at any time of the year.

Thirdly, the Moscow Mule Mug’s appearance is particularly novel. Cocktails are made, and are meant, to be beautiful. That’s why it’s so important to serve your cocktails in the right type of cocktail glass or mug. The way the cocktail looks is just as important as the way it tastes because presentation adds to the ambiance and magic associated with drinking a cocktail. You can choose between our curved or straight Moscow Mule Mugs. Our curved Mule Mug has an extra-special elegant shine to it and its quirky handle makes it a must-have Christmas gift. If a matte finish is what you’re crazy about, we’ve got you covered with our straight Mule Mug which gives understated finesse to any bar, kitchen, or restaurant.

The Christmas season is all about celebrating and having a good time with family and friends. Our Moscow Mule Mugs make the perfect Christmas gift for anyone, although we think that once you get your hands on them, you won’t be able to part with them. We suggest making Moscow Mule Mugs a central part of your Christmas festivities by mixing up some traditional Moscow Mules for your special guests. Making a Moscow Mule is so easy and convenient which makes it the ultimate cocktail for entertaining. You can find a great recipe here, or if you’d like to make a particularly festive Moscow Mule, you can check out this link.

We think that our unique Moscow Mule Mugs belong on everyone’s Christmas wish list because they are so versatile and distinctive. So go on, indulge a bit, and get into the Christmas spirit!