5 Festive Cocktails and the Perfect Bar Accessories to Accompany Them

Cranberry Christmas Cooler

Christmas is almost upon us and we’re all getting very excited about throwing our big Christmas bashes! Christmas in South Africa is a summery affair so we’ve gathered our favourite cocktail ideas to share with you for all of your festivities—perfect for braais, pool sides, and those long, warm summer nights.

  1. Sparkling Strawberry Punch

Strawberries are a classic when it comes to cocktails, and nothing tastes like summer like a fruity cocktail. Of course, strawberries are the star of the show in this cocktail, but the subtle hints of lemon and mint are what makes this cocktail a show-stopper. You can check out the recipe here. However, we suggest investing in one of our lovely muddlers so that you can muddle the mint leaves to really bring out their flavour.

Brazilian Passionfruit Batida

  1. Passionfruit Batinda

This is another classic summer cocktail that is perfect for Christmas—especially if you’re having Christmas at the beach. But even if you aren’t, this cocktail will give you lots of beachy vibes and memories. It’s a delicious tropical frozen drink made with tangy passionfruit and creamy condensed milk—definitely a naughty delight! For this cocktail, we recommend using an ice crusher because it will take the pressure off your blender. We have a great one that you can have a look at here. Check out the recipe for the Passionfruit Batinda here.

  1. Cranberry Christmas Cooler

Cranberry is an essential Christmas flavour, so why not use it in a cocktail for some extra Christmassy atmosphere? It’s super refreshing and thirst-quenching so it’s great for a hot summer’s day! This Cooler requires lots of ice so we suggest investing in one of our ice buckets for easy access—your guests can then also add more ice to their coolers if they want to. Check out our ice buckets here. For the recipe, click on this link.

Classic Eggnog Cocktail

  1. Classic Eggnog

Eggnog is the ultimate festive drink—vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg are combined to evoke fond Christmas memories and ambience. Jamie Oliver has an excellent recipe on his site. It calls for lots of grated nutmeg—an essential for making a superb eggnog! We have the perfect grater that you can use for all your nutmeg needs.

  1. Watermelon ‘Nojitos’

This cocktail is perfect for the teetotallers out there who still want to have a fun, festive cocktail but without the alcohol. The fresh flavours of watermelon and mint make this a true summer, alcohol-free, cocktail. This drink is given a zesty kick by using lime juice (you can get a great lemon squeezer from us) but we suggest adding some lemon zest for that extra zing. We have a great zester for you to check out here. You’ll also need lots of ice cubes to serve the cocktail with so why not invest in our Ice Ball Mould which churns out nifty little ice balls to make your cocktail that much more special? Have a look at the recipe for this cocktail here.

We have tons of great products for cocktails so visit our site for all your cocktail needs for this festive season! We wish you a merry Christmas from all of us here at Beaumont SA!